Planet Janet @ The Parish, Huddersfield, 28/04/2012

w/ Beretta Suicide, Hellbound Hearts + more

Disclaimer: This review includes a band that features my brother Davey on guitar. I don’t give a hoot if you feel the review is somewhat slanted. Even if I’d have been born 5,000 miles away, been completely unrelated and not known a thing about any of these bands, these bands would have still rocked it as much as the below account details.
As with any gig these days, fatherhood takes precedent over the party, so my late arrival means I missed the first two bands (Escape Artist and Animated respectively), and only caught the last two songs of Hellbound Hearts‘ set. What I did see, though, I enjoyed. They reminded me of bands such as Backyard Babies and earlier Wildhearts, with some great classic synchronised rocking action on the frontline. Featuring ex-members of Terrorvision, expect to hear a little more about this band in the future.
That said, if I’m recommending Hellbound Hearts on the strength of two songs, then lordy, Beretta Suicide should be force fed to every man woman and child. A quartet coming out of Leeds, they unleash a blistering punk rock set with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll swagger, seemingly happy to barge themselves around and chuck in heavy grooves and anthemic choruses all the same. Their live show is hugely enjoyable as much as it is a statement of intent.
And now for my brother’s band, Planet Janet, who were playing their final show together while launching their album ‘Janetalia‘ at the same time. Featuring members of local luminaries Mr. Shiraz and The Pretty Machine, they were intent on making it a party atmosphere, with a Euro-dance rave-up preceding a countdown into a cover of Andrew W.K’s ‘Party Hard’, before launching into songs mostly cut from their album, with additional covers interspersed and tinned lager shared aplenty. A couple of idiots in the pit (who duly got what they deserved) didn’t last too long, and failed to ruin what was a spectacularly fun set and – I say this for the neutral – might have left a few people wondering what might have been. Songs such as ‘Starter Gun’ and ‘You Should See the Other Guy’ are proof of the local all-star ability of this band which edgy riffs and proper choruses. Alas, that’s your lot. I’m surely they’re all too busy with other things now, ha ha. Though who knows what the future might bring.
And one further thing. The venue was packed out for the headliners, and it’ll be absolutely bursting when Wheatus roll into town soon. Further proof that the local music scene is absolutely buzzing and thus a major reason why this venue is key to Huddersfield‘s alternative scene.
Enjoy the photo reel below. As you can see, this was a bloody brilliant evening all round and every bit as epic as the above account suggests.
Peter Clegg




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