Melvins – The Bulls and the Bees


The Bulls & The Bees
Scion A/V
The Melvins feel to have been around an eternity, yet show no signs of letting up their prolificacy. Indeed, 2012 is setting up to be an even busier year for them, with the forthcoming release of the ‘Melvins Lite’ album ‘Freak Puke‘ almost upon us, following hot off the heels of the Scion A/V-backed EP ‘The Bulls and The Bees‘, once again comprising the quartet of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and the Big Business rhythm section of Jared Warren and Coady Willis. Now in the 29th year as a band in one shape or another, the Melvins are still bang on form and firing on all cylinders, even if ‘The Bulls and The Bees‘ isn’t quite classic material, although still far better than anything you can do.
Kicking things off with ‘The War on Wisdom’, this EP doesn’t bear any surprises but maintains quality throughout – the aforementioned track bolstered by the galloping drums from Crover and Willis, and Osborne and Warren’s signature vocals. ‘We Are Doomed’, the EP’s lengthiest track, possessing a cracking riff. That said, the remainder of the EP isn’t exactly memorable, with ‘Friends Before Larry’ and ‘A Really Long Wait’ never really getting going, robbing the momentum gained from the previous two tracks – though it does redeem itself with closer ‘National Hamster’.

Melvins – The War on Wisdom (official video)

All eyes will now be on the aforementioned ‘Freak Puke‘, a diversion from the Melvins’ recent history but no less of an intriguing prospect. That said, let’s hope the four-piece version of the band get back together before to further forge on from this work. For now, this free release from Scion A/V is enjoyable enough to tide us over for now, though I suspect fans may track back into the band’s long discography for their kicks during the quartet’s probably brief hibernation.
Peter Clegg

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