Black Breath – Sentenced to Life

Black Breath

Sentenced to Life
Southern Lord
Seattle’s hardcore thrashers Black Breath have whipped up such a frenzy in the last two or three years after unleashing ‘Razor to Oblivion‘ and debut album ‘Heavy Breathing‘, while touring the blue hell out of both of them. Such is the fervour generated in this short space of time has inevitably led to ‘Sentenced to Life‘ becoming one of 2012’s most anticipated albums, but at the same time it’s anticipation that should be tempered with caution. No doubt there are still a few people sniping with the ‘Entombed-lite’ tag, not just at Black Breath, but at the entire hardcore/d-beat movement that has recently been forged with huge backing, particularly from Southern Lord. And the surprise that Black Breath caught people with on ‘Heavy Breathing‘ is no longer that. I hate to refer to that ‘difficult second album’ cliché, but it’s true.
Thankfully, Black Breath avoid any major pitfalls on album number two, and ‘Sentenced to Life‘, while largely more of the same as their back catalogue, is still is good thirty-odd minutes to let loose and bang your head to. The opener ‘Feast of the Damned’ has a nice drum and vocal chant of ‘my flesh, my blood, you’re dead, Feast of the Damned!‘ That is just one of many of the album’s highlights, which reveal themselves more upon repeated listens. ‘Home of the Grave’ has all the potential as a lead single from the album to propel the band into bigger leagues, while tracks like ‘Of Flesh’ see the band absolutely on fire with a full on death-metal blastbeat interjecting the track part way through. Conversely, ‘Obey’ is the band’s longest track to date, beginning with a creepy spoken word intro and leading to a slow burner mixing Black Breath’s dark riffage and intensity with a tremendous rock n’ roll solo towards the end.

Black Breath – Home of the Grave (official video)
There are more signature moments on the album but they’re too numerous to get into. I would advise people to give this album at least a couple of listens though – it didn’t hit me straight away like their initial releases, but it’s not a difficult album to get into at all, essentially just press play and headbang. Eventually you will observe the progress made by the band since ‘Heavy Breathing’, however subtle or however hastily-written this album apparently was. The result is still unmistakably Black Breath, reaffirming their status as one of the best new bands of the last few years. Obey.
Peter Clegg

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