Gripe/Diseksa – Indefinite Detention


Indefinite Detention
Tombs In The Valley/Opaques
Regular readers to this site ought to be aware of Gripe by now, the Athens, Georgia, US grind/hardcore punk crew whose first two releases were reviewed by the site. Having originally been a three-piece, it now appears they’ve added a bassist to their ranks as their sound certainly has a slightly groovier dimension, and they continue their good form shown on ‘Pig Servant‘ with six new tracks of slamming punctuating politically-charged ferocity, and five from their split partners for this release, Malaysian grinders Diseksa.

Gripe’s side is what you’d except of them by now – violent and harsh, the stop-start jarring nature of the title track the sounding call for blasts and screams ahoy, including one cover (‘War Is Business’) of their split mates. The rest showcases an increasing number of tempo shifts to Gripe’s music which can only assist them in the long run, particularly on ‘You Can’t Spell Dead Without D.E.A.’, which breaks into a cracking punk jam halfway through before grinding out again. Perhaps Gripe are still trying to perfect their sound, which is no bad thing at this stage, especially when you can rage like this.
Diseksa’s portion of the release differs vastly in terms of production quality – this is very DIY stuff indeed, in comparison to Gripe’s burgeoning sheen and most likely better resources, and a less educated person in these matters might think this was some lost tape from the late 80’s. What’s lost in the fuzzy production is by no means lost in their delivery, a collection of five tracks, including an obligatory cover of Gripe’s ‘Just Fuckin’ Die’, which they plough through with abrasive guitar work and some phenomenal blasting.
Admittedly I find Gripe’s side of the split stronger but that’s nothing against Diseksa, who with a little exposure and a little better production could benefit massively. Gripe reportedly ran out of free downloads at one stage for this release but have seemingly made this release available again as a free download, so head over and get it while you have the chance.
Peter Clegg
Stream it below

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