Visions: Gurt – Dudes With Beards With Cats

In what has to be one of most perplexing yet original sludge metal videos yet, London sludge metal crew Gurt have come up with an appropriate DIY video for their new track ‘Dudes with Beards with Cats’, taken from the soon to be released split 7″ with fellow UK heavies Dopefight (available here). Sandwiched between a slight unnerving sequence of meowing cats as the cameraperson shuffles into and out of the house is a sequence of mainly still images of cats, some content, some happy, some pretty miffed, the occasional unreal cat, and the occasional scowler/roarer, and some with dudes and dudettes, some with, some without beards. It’s a boss track from the Gurt lads and hopefully the sign of more quality stuff from them.

On a side note, hasn’t UK stoner/sludge/doom had a cracking 2012 so far? Let’s hope it stays that way!

Peter Clegg

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