Oblivionized – Nullify the Cycle


Nullify the Cycle EP
Grindcore Karaoke
Guildford mentalists Oblivionized have been skewing metalheads’ faces a new one for the last few years with their brand of molten brutal technical deathgrind, and following some impressive live shows of late, they’re back with a new EP entitled ‘Nullify the Cycle‘. Oblivionized’s initial output showed promise, but ‘Nullify the Cycle‘ is but a taste of not only what they are capable of, but how far they can branch out too.
The first two tracks are an all-out assault on the senses. ‘The Nullification of Philanthropy’ fades into focus in the first few seconds, menacingly building into a full-fledged attack, which upon its arrival leads to all kinds of dizzying chaos. ‘Cycle of Deprivation’ follows straight-up and again smashes your face six ways from Sunday. Anyone loyal to Oblivionized from their earlier material won’t be surprised, though it’s a definite step-up from ‘Abhorrent Evolution‘. The major surprise here comes on the final song, the EP’s title-track. Beginning at first with some deep growls warped over an ambient, dark industrial noise, the remainder of the song is played out with a slightly trepidating piano melody before clean, haunting vocals sing out the rest of the song. It’s in stark contrast to Oblivionized’s usual sound but it works. The only criticism I would perhaps have is that on a three-track EP, with the first two playing out a tech-death apocalypse, it feels slightly out of place, though you can’t fault the quality of the song.
Oblivionized certainly have the tools to reach the head of their pack. ‘Nullify The Cycle‘ displays a level of brutality and maturity present in bands twice their age, and on this evidence you’d have to say one or two of the bigger extreme labels ought to be having a sniff. And seeing them so willing to spread their wings (on this occasion at least), the prospect of a full-length from these guys is tantalising.
Peter Clegg

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