Iced Out – Demo 2012

Iced Out
Demo 2012

I’m not saying I totally dislike the UK hardcore scene, but it largely falls on the melodic side, whether it be acts like Gallows, The Ghost of a Thousand, etc. It’s not really like the US scene which features a fair whack of tough guy hardcore, full of bruising beatdowns, self-motivating/depreciating lyrics and macho pride. You can’t really say one is better than the other in general – its how you do it that counts.

Iced Out fall more towards the bruising style, but don’t completely fall into the stereotypical trap, and this demo certainly insists they have the attitude to leave more than a few scars. This is four tracks of crunching riffs, with lyrics spit with intent and occasional power. Each song is moshtastic, opener ‘Jukai’ spewing with beefy riffage and beefier breakdowns. The most personal it appears to sound is the final track ‘Terrors’, which sounds particularly pissed off judging from the words being venomously aimed at its intended target.

There’s more than a few sludgy elements in their sound but for the large part you won’t want to dissect it, instead you’ll just wish to wallow in its disgust at the world. This demo suggests a band with potential, albeit one still rough around the edges. Still, rough is fine if you’re handing out a bruising, and Iced Out will surely be on hand to provide plenty of those in future.

Demo 2012‘ was available as a free download and may well still be out there. However, as the band are stating it was available, I will link you to their webstore where you can buy a limited edition CD, or to Bandcamp where you can stream it. A cassette tape rerelease is forthcoming with a brand new track too, so keep in touch with them.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Demo 2012‘ here
Stream it here

Official store


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