Coilguns – Stadia Rods

Stadia Rods
Dead Dead Dead

I hadn’t heard much from Coilguns before, despite their links to The Ocean, so when around two minutes in to the opening track, ‘Parkensine’, my ears and my mind were suddenly alert, that had to be a good sign. ‘Stadia Rods‘ is some heavy shit indeed, mixing elements of Dillinger Escape Plan-esque mathcore, sludge metal and more. It’s slightly disappointing that this is just an EP – I’d love to hear a whole album of Coilguns if this is the sort of quality we’re going to get from them.

Stadia Rods‘ is a fine mixture, with the guitars and bass buzzing at the lower end of the spectrum, chunky when required but always discordant. ‘In The Limelights’, the sole instrumental track, busts out a heavy groove akin to earlier Pelican or Isis locking horns with Botch, offering sort-of a respite before the vocals return on ‘Witness the Kern Arc’, unquestionably one of the finest songs on the album, swinging like a post-hardcore anthem at first, thrusting like a shark smelling blood, angling through many turns, before finishing like its ragging through its prey’s festuous blubber, ending violently, powerfully and aggressively.

I hadn’t seen this record coming until it dropped in my inbox a few weeks ago, and its been an unexpected surprise in waiting. But then, with members from a band of such calibre as The Ocean, its not shocking at all. For fans of TDEP, Cursed, Botch and the like, this is a treat. For people who aren’t fans of those bands, this is a treat. That’s how highly I recommend it.

Stadia Rods‘ is released on Monday 15th March through Scottish DIY label Dead Dead Dead Records.

Peter Clegg

Pre-order ‘Stadia Rods‘ here (12″ vinyl + digital download) 



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