Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

Southern Lord

At this stage in their career, there’s been so many words used to describe Earth’s ever changing sound that there’s pretty much no more superlatives available to describe them. So we’ll keep it simple and describe new album ‘Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II‘ for what it is. Recorded at the same time as part I, ‘Angels II‘ sees Earth supplying yet more lush riff-orientated sonic soundscapes, continuing down the drone desert blues path forged since their reinvention by mainman Dylan Carlson seven years ago now.

Setting the scene with ‘Sigil of Brass’, ‘Angels II‘ is another slice of Morricone-tinged compositions, led as ever by the timeless Carlson. Lori Goldston turns in another impressive performance, and her work on the cello is particularly notable, especially on ‘Multiplicity of Doors’, a thirteen-minute doozy where she takes centre stage. Goldston is always noticeable but never overpowering, remaining the ideal foil to Carlson’s guitar and perfect for the setting Earth seek to project. Where drummer Adrienne Davies is in the picture, she too sets the tone with elegant percussion scattered across this track and selectively across the album.Ultimately one of the highlights has to be ‘The Rakehell’, an incredible slow jam with a cracking groove throughout that would make for a fantastic bluesy number if the pace was quickened.

That said, as with any Earth album, you really need to listen to it as a whole to fully realise its majesty. Doing so will allow you, the listener, to immerse yourself in its riches time and again. It doesn’t quite top its predecessor but its a recommended record nonetheless, and I suspect you still won’t find many better this year.

Peter Clegg

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