Visions: Wormrot – Breed to Breed

We’ve had a couple of brief video clips from grind overlords-in-waiting Wormrot in the past, but nothing on a truly professional scale. Until now. That’s because Singapore’s finest have now got a befitting video for ‘Breed to Breed’, taken from the ‘Noise’ EP that was released for free last year
The video’s concept is one I still haven’t fully got my head around, but it features a young lady placed a video tape into a TV/video combo, then staring somewhat blankly at the three figures in boiler suits with monitors for heads, as the lyrics to the song flash up on the TV. Occasionally it cuts to their faces seen on the three figures, partially hidden by bunny masks, screaming along to the words. Yep, I just tried to describe that video and quite possibly failed to do it justice. Its pretty much a mindjolt. Still, at just over a minute long, its still a cracking video, so all that is really necessary is to turn the volume up loud and let the song blow your head clean off. Just try not to blink – 62 seconds isn’t a long time.
Peter Clegg

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