Disguised as Birds – Black Circles/New Demons

Disguised as Birds

Black Circles/New Demons

This release actually combines two EPs (‘Black Circles‘ and ‘New Demons‘), released in 2011 and 2009 respectively by Milwaukee rock trio Disguised as Birds, but Phratry Records have now put the two together for a vinyl release. Despite their combination, it does still feel slightly like two separate releases podged together, but that’s only a minor complaint.

There seems to be a few influences to these guys – they list acts such as Jawbox, Shipping News and Fugazi amongst their chief inspirations, yet  some parts (the opener ‘Black Circles’ for one) sounding like a more expansive Foo Fighters and Torche-like harmonies bundled together. ‘Hayabusas Lament’ is another notable example of this. Other times, there’s a Melvins/Big Business vine, others a lot like the 90’s acts that inspired them. The approach works to great effect, with the band showing they can pull off a range of different songs and not get caught up in simply playing it safe.

The rerelease contains two download-only songs when purchased through Bandcamp, ‘Song About a Gun (Fallen Windows)’ and ‘Just Can’t Hold’, one from each EP session. It might be a reissue but its just as good as anything new these days, and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they garnered a little more attention. They certainly have the chops, so it wouldn’t harm you to check them out while they’re still relatively unknown. Get on it. Now.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Black Circles/New Demons‘ on 12″ vinyl/multi format audio here

Official site

Note: Cheers to Phratry for the promo copy


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