Visions: Red Fang – Hank is Dead

The first thirty seconds of this video for ‘Hank is Dead’ are ominous. Why are three men standing naked in the shower? And why are they giving each other acknowledging looks? It’s rather worrying. YouTube, I didn’t sign up for this! Thankfully, the two on the left are delivering an invitation to an air guitar battle to this very song. And over the remainder of the vid, there’s plenty air widdling, high kicks and poses from everybody wanting to be a part of Red Fang.

I wouldn’t say this is their best video – ‘Wires’ takes that crown – but its still an incredible song from one of the best new rock bands around. Ask me to choose between these and the Black Spiders and I honestly would be choose. We need more of this sort of rock ‘n roll. It’s loud, dangerous, ugly and raucous, exactly as it should be. It’s for those reasons why we exist, and why proper rock remains well and truly alive.

Peter Clegg

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