Black Veins – …And Hell Followed

Black Veins

…And Hell Followed
Witch Hunter

The guys at Witch Hunter Records have been hyping this one up for a while on the social networks, and upon listening, it would appear they have damn good reason to. Solihull/Walsall noise merchants Black Veins have returned with ‘…And Hell Followed‘, the follow-up to their self-titled demo, and boy will it beat the living crap out of you.

Over the course of twelve minutes, Black Veins lay into five tracks of vicious Converge-esque hardcore occasionally punctuated with a savage frenzy. Brutal is an all too frequent used word to describe heavy music but at times its hard to find another superlative. The way the final track, ‘Suffer’ turns from a menacing crawl to an all-out crusty speed/blast war on a sixpence, before slowing the tempo as if to stand over your broken body, laughing maniacally. This template is evident through the EPs course, slower dirges with occasional spikes in tempo, but to the band’s credit it feels fresh throughout and not too samey.

Often EPs can get lost in their own brevity and individuality, meaning the potential for a weak track or two. ‘…And Hell Followed‘ certainly has standout moments, but never a dull one. Unquestionably one of the filthiest sludgecore/grind releases you come across this year, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘…And Hell Followed‘ here 

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