Taking a short break

These days I’m very much a family man and a lot has caught up with me trying to juggle fatherhood with writing for the blog and starting a new job. I haven’t been able to update the blog as often lately and recently I haven’t had any time at all. There’s plenty to material to go at and ready to edit and publish, submissions are also at a healthy level But there has been no time presently for me to keep up to publishing it and to keep on top of it at all. Therefore, there will be no new posts this week – just while I aim to let things reorganise themselves. I’ll have plenty of new stuff to read shortly, so do keep checking back, or like us on Facebook which is often the first place to find out about a new post from us.

I’d also like to say thank you again for continuing to visit We Must Obey. We’ve now surpassed 9,000 hits and the big 10K can’t be far away. The success of the site has continued into 2012 and that wouldn’t be possible without your readership and indeed some of your incredible comments. I’ll endeavour to keep our flag flying high. I just need some time to recharge my batteries.

Hope you all understand.

Peter Clegg


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