Nemesis – Dou-Koku

ネメシス (Nemesis)
慟哭 (Dou-Koku)

Evoking the spirit of UK hardcore/crust punk, Fukuoka, Japan’s Nemesis are a new band bursting out of the far eastern country in a blaze of anger and nihilistic fury. Their debut EP, 慟哭 (Dou-Koku)‘, is four tracks of lo-fi produced crusty hardcore punk, delivered with ferocious snarl and bite – their vocalist doesn’t half sound like he’s gargling battery acid when he screams. It doesn’t possess the most excellent execution of this style, but the passion for it appears undeniable. Dou-Koku is an enjoyable riot, and well worth casting eyes and ears eastward for.

Peter Clegg

Most distros have sold out, but you should still be able to obtain a copy of 慟哭 (Dou-Koku)‘ here


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