Wiht are calling it quits

It’s been over a week since this was announced but it’s worth bringing to the attention of anyone who hasn’t heard. The excellent Leeds sludge/psych/doom instrumental trio Wiht are calling it a day after three years. The band gave their reasons in an excerpt from a statement posted on their Facebook page on Sunday January 22nd:

‘It is with sadness and a great sense of pride, that we have decided to call it a day. This is a completely amicable decision and has been made in the best interests of the band. It has come to a point where we are no longer able to progress and take the band further, we feel this band deserves more respect than just to fade away. This simply is an issue of lack of time and funds; two of the three of us now have families and time has become a lot more precious. To progress as a band we need to dedicate a certain ammount of time to write and record, let alone gigging and touring. This is why we have decided to call it a day at a point where we feel this is something to be proud of.’

I didn’t really know the guys personally, but I did review their latest album ‘The Harrowing of the North‘ here – an excellent work – and me and the Poison Dwarf guys did play a couple of shows with them in 2010. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their live performances and their records and I’m gutted to hear this news. I understand their reasons though, especially being a father myself and about to juggle the responsibilities of being a parent and being in a band.

That said, you still have a couple of opportunities to catch Wiht live before they disbanded – firstly, on Saturday 18th February at the Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, alongside Wizard’s Beard at the Beard’s album release show with Undersmile and Diascorium, and finally on Friday 30th March at the same venue, with Khuda, Wizard’s Beard and Tree of Sores. The full statement can be read here.

On behalf of We Must Obey, we wish the members of Wiht all the very best in their future endeavours. You will be missed, but thank you for the great music.

Peter Clegg

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