Visions: Cannabis Corpse – Where The Kind Lives

Speaking of fucked-up acid trips, Cannabis Corpse are no strangers to the leaf and their latest video, for ‘Where the Kind Lives’, is hilariously overboard as you can get. Two stoners are getting high, then they see a light outside. One of them walks to the light, gets beamed up, and is subject to all kinds of probing by some crazed circle-pitting bud creatures. Oh and look, a bong rocket!
I shouldn’t keep spoiling it, its got to be seen to be believed. It was produced by The Gift Media Group, and they have done a fantastic job in bringing to life Cannabis Corpse’s weedy world in this highly entertaining video, taken from Corpse’s reefer-soaked ode to old-school death metal, ‘Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise’. Worship!
Peter Clegg

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