Black Breath have been ‘Sentenced To Life’

Hell fucking yes! We here at We Must Obey are extremely pleased to hear that Seattle ravages Black Breath have wrapped up work on their second full length album and are about to blast our eardrums out with it this coming March! Titled ‘Sentenced to Life’, the press release tells us it promises to showcase ‘more full-on crushing rage’ than the more rock ‘n’ roll orientated predecessor ‘Heavy Breathing’, which previously condemned listeners to forcibly headbang to death! The album was written following their return from their 2010 European tour, and comprises 10 songs inside a furious 33 minutes. Song titles include: ‘Feast of the Damned’, ‘Doomed’, ‘Forced into Possession’, ‘Home of the Grave’ and the title-track. It was recorded again at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou.
Sentenced to Life‘ will be released through Southern Lord. A full track listing, as well as a final release date, cover art and doubtless previews of the album will all be forthcoming in the next few weeks. Let’s just say that We Must Obey are going to be on this like flies around shit. 
Peter Clegg

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