New Ginger Wildheart tour documentary on its way!

If you don’t know who Ginger Wildheart is by now, we suggest you give yourself a sound palm to the face. The living legend of Wildhearts fame as well as many other side projects and solo acts completed an acoustic UK tour with his band in December 2011, and recently we were greeted with the excellent news that a DVD of said is on its way! Excellently titled ‘It Stinks of Eyes Around Here’, its set to feature live footage of songs performed of the tour, interviews with Ginger and his band, and general jiggery-pokery that goes on tour.
Its been filmed by Ash Pears of AshTV, who I’d just like to put a bit of spotlight on too. Those around the local scene here in West Yorkshire may well know Ash as the drummer for the excellent Huddersfield rock trio The Pretty Machine, but he’s also a music video director extraordinaire for hire, having shot music videos for the Eureka Machines, The Rotted, Sorry & The Sinatras, Trigger The Bloodshed, The Scaramanga Six and many more in the past over the last few years. This is set to be one of his best works yet and without a doubt, he’s one of the most creative minds around right now. Head over to his site to check out his work.
Check out the trailer for ‘It Stinks of Eyes Around Here’ after the jump. It’s currently in post-production and a release date should be confirmed soon!
Peter Clegg

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