A few updates

Hey everyone. Cheers for continuing to check out We Must Obey. Seeing the increased visiting figures is a cracking sight to see, well past the 5,000 mark now, and that’s something we hope to carry into 2012.
Speaking of 2012, of course 2011 is coming to a close, and we still have a few loose ends to tie up. As you may have seen with yesterday’s post, the run-up to Christmas is indeed a shitter, at least in my world, so you will be seeing the odd alternative/anti Christmas post going up, as well as the usual content. We may as well have a laugh and maybe a discussion about it, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve also got a mega review of the ‘Kin Hell Fest to come – we certainly didn’t end our coverage with the preview, and the full review will be worth it once it comes through.
Finally, the dreaded year-end, best of list. Yes we will be doing one. However, don’t expect it any time soon. Already there’s other metal sites putting up their best of 2011’s as of the beginning of this week. The year’s not over ‘til its over! Damn, I thought I hated the halfway-through-2011 lists that I had a rant about earlier this year. Seems some people just can’t wait. I guess at the end of the day, everyone’s got an opinion. Ours is that we will use every last second of the year to make our decision. You won’t be seeing any lists here until Friday December 30th, at the earliest.
Now I’ve got that off my chest, we hope you continue to enjoy reading. The next post is up at 12:00pm, where I get back on my pedestal again. It’s a doozy. If you’ve got an opinion on the subject matter in question, I’m sure you’ll have something to say. Later everyone!
Peter Clegg

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