‘Kin Hell Fest preview: Part 2

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments on the social networks and the like yesterday. I don’t mind offering free promotion if its worthwhile and it kicks arse, and the ‘Kin Hell Fest and UK extreme metal falls into both camps. Right now, we’ve got part 2 of our ‘Kin Hell Fest preview ready to go. Five more bands ready to shatter your bones into a million pieces this Saturday. Enjoy!


These guys having been smashing up venues since 2005, grinding their way to notoriety from their home base of Northampton. They’ve just released their second full-length, ‘Grind Over Matter‘, and they’re still unsigned?! Prepare for a beating. Facebook

The Atrocity Exhibit – Plague Mask Replica


 Northwitch death metallers Colonel Blast have steadily been making waves since their inception in 2008, releasing one well received album in ‘For The Greater Good‘ and were one of the five bands featured on the ‘Split Roast‘ five-way split released earlier this year by their label Condate. Cracking live band, laying on brutal, muddy death metal in spades. MySpace

Colonel Blast – Frozen in Apathy (live)


 Recently seen supporting Cannabis Corpse by our own Mike, these scuzzy reprobates will be unleashing sickening death metal onto the Leeds audience and not really caring who they upset. This Manchester lot have been unleashing the horror since 2005 and if its old-school death metal violence you’re after, these guys will certainly bring it. MySpace

Foetal Juice – Retortured


Featuring the festival’s organiser Paul Priest (ex-Narcosis/Tangaroa/Reth) and featuring members of other local luminaries including A Forest of Stars, Diascorium play a blinding mix of technical death metal and black metal that will not only probe your brain but compel it to smash itself time after time into a concrete wall. They were also featured on the ‘Split Roast‘ five-way with Colonel Blast. Bandcamp

Diascorium – The Blood Shall Spoil


Ahoy! Bringing the fun, fun, fun to the festival are pirate metallers the Skull Branded Pirates. They might seem novelty to the naked eye, but beneath is a talented band that’s been landlubbing for a while now. Expect some hearty riffs and maritime shanties such as ‘The Legend of Salty Jim’ and ‘Sea Doggin”. Awesome live band. Official site

The Skull Branded Pirates – The Legend of Salty Jim


That wraps up Part 2 of our round-up for the ‘Kin Hell Fest, with one more installment to come tomorrow at the same time. Remember, the full press release is here, with full information as to how to get your tickets, what to expect, as well as the links for the official website (also listed in the flyer image). Part 1 of our preview, if you didn’t catch it yesterday, is here. The final installment will come tomorrow at the same time, featuring the remaining four bands to be featured, and then, finally, its the fest itself on Saturday.

Peter Clegg

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