‘Kin Hell Fest preview: Part 1

Further in support of the first ever ‘Kin Hell Fest, taking place this coming Saturday at The Well in Leeds, we’ve compiled a few clips to show you what to expect from each of the thirteen bands performing at the fest. Here goes!


Leeds-based brutal blackened death metallers who formed in 2009. Expect flailing hair, deathly growls and punishing aggression from these oiks who put out their debut s/t EP in 2010. Bandcamp

Decayed Messiah – Baptised in Blood

Extreme black metal from by the Mersey. Ninkharsag were only formed earlier this year but already their potential is brewing thanks to their ‘Destroyed by Design‘ demo. Second up at the fest, should be nasty. Bandcamp
Ninkharsag – Destroyed By Design

Another hometown band, Wizard’s Beard will be on hand to deliver some sweet sludgy doom while the sky outside is still bright. They released their debut album ‘Pure Filth‘ on PsycheDOOMelic earlier this year. Fans of Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, etc.; raise your pint to them and doom out. Bandcamp

Wizard’s Beard – Paint The Skies

Making the trek up north from London, expect Oblivionized to frazzle a few brains and get the pit violence well and truly on with their brand of technical death/grind. Check out the opening track from the ‘Abhorrent Evolution‘ EP above. Its a bobby dazzler. Bandcamp

Hope that whets your appetite. We’re just getting started. Part 2 of the preview will be up tomorrow. For the full press release, head back to our original post on the ‘Kin Hell Fest here, with more information, links, ticket information and more!
Peter Clegg

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