Trash Talk – Awake EP

Trash Talk
Awake EP
True Panther Sounds
In just a few short years, Trash Talk have quickly made a name for themselves with their blend of hardcore punk and powerviolence-style aggression, and an explosive live show to boot. Their new five-track EP, ‘Awake‘, sees them just a little more expansive, but still packing immeasurable rage and power in its eight and a half minutes.

Awake’ is a more than appropriate title, given it’s lyrical value. The EP’s shortest track, ‘Slander’, sees vocalist Lee Spielman is spitting blood, venom and whatever other disgusting substances at detractors and naysayers: ‘Line up and call me names/come spit in my face/it doesn’t matter/I’m in a better place’, followed by bassist Spencer Pollard’s shout of ‘Slander!’ in the chorus. That boot to the face is Trash Talk at its fastest on this occasion, and the following song, ‘Blind Evolution’, is another signal of Trash Talk leaning away from their thrashcore origins. The time spent around producer Joby J. Ford certainly shows as they let out a sweet bluesy breakdown around the halfway mark. The band don’t lose their bile and fury for it (‘I don’t care where you’re going/I just care that you’re gone’). The closer, ‘Gimme Death’, is further mid-paced, but no less alert or loud. Spielman screams ‘Face down in the gutter/I’ve got my ears to the street’ as though on the cusp of a revolution.
Diehards will no doubt bitch about Trash Talk’s continued move away from their roots, but the fact is, they’re all the better for it. There’s only so many times you can let out that rage in short sharp bursts – why not diversify and project that anger over a larger timescale and potentially larger fanbase? Trash Talk are wise to realise that, and in ‘Awake’, they’ve got us eagerly awaiting the next full-length.
Peter Clegg
Trash Talk – Awake (full stream)

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