A Halloween Grimoire – The Puppet Master, by King Diamond

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I was obviously behind the times given I just discovered this as I searched for suitable subject matter for this feature, but wow, am I glad I found this?! ‘The Puppet Master’ was of course the title of the 2003 album by King Diamond. By now no stranger to concept albums, this one was about a young couple – namely King Diamond and a lady called Victoria – who go to watch a puppet show in Budapest, and wind up being turned into undead puppets by the Puppet Master and his wife. The album came with a DVD on which King Diamond tells the story of the Puppet Master, sat at a table in a dark room lit heavily with candles. You can watch the entire video above. I highly recommend you do, particularly now night has fallen – its compelling viewing.
I certainly think he makes a good story teller – no, an excellent story teller – and his trademark facepaint only helps to convey that sinister feeling you get from watching him tell the tale. Watch his hands and his eyes, particularly the latter as they roll back and forth. He’s really into this. And it just gets better and better as it progresses.
At the same time, you have to admit, in metal terms, this is pure cheese. But cheese is often good, and the King of heavy metal horror rarely does bad.
Peter Clegg

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