100th post editorial

Holy crap. 100 posts already? We’ve not even reached the end of October! Well, lots of boredom, spare time and ultimately lots of kick ass music has pushed me and Mike onwards and upwards, and this post marks We Must Obey’s 100th post since its humble beginnings in May. Over 3,400 people have stopped by and checked out the pages, submissions are on the up, and our enthusiasm just keeps growing. Thank you very much to anyone who’s sent stuff our way and to everyone who reads and continues to read this blog.

A couple of things – I think there’s going to be a little disruption early-to-mid November that could slow things up, in terms of my access. I’ve discussed this previously – I should be able to work around it without too much of a knock on regular posting. I really should invest in a solid internet connection to work with more regularly!

Second, there’s going to be one or two Halloween inspired posts – nothing over the top, and in keeping with what we do. But it should be a good laugh if nothing more.

With that in mind, I’ll get back to the regular stuff. Once again, major thanks to all of you.

Peter Clegg

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