Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair – Contraception

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair
Grindcore Karaoke

Agoraphobic Nosebleed frontman and Grindcore Karaoke head honcho J. Randall is a busy man, as his labels huge range of releases would dictate – see our previous review of surf grinders Wadge earlier this year – but amongst the cacophony of anarchy and tinny production, he’s found a potential diamond here in Scotland’s Wheelchair x4 – or Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair if you prefer.

Originally self-released, ‘Contraception‘ has a theme of young romance running through it. Not your typical grind fare, but then neither was the Scots’ previous release ‘Bald and Dead‘, a concept EP about the life and death of reality star Jade Goody. Cripes. Nevertheless, there’s some interesting ideas floating about here, the near dancable and anthemic opening to ‘Treat Your Woman Right’, with guitarist Stuart Finnie and drummer Bobbie King trading vocals, eventually hitting face melting grind territory; the Thin Lizzy-esque riff to ‘Never Go Dutch’, and the saxophone solo that skronks its way into ‘Be My Valentine’. Never does it lose a sense of speed and aggression though, as they shred and blast their way through twelve tracks at a brisk pace and with brutal menace.

The theme of romance pervades throughout, against a heart of darkness that finally becomes apparent during the closer ‘We All Need Someone’ where Finnie screams ‘we all need someone/whatever the cost‘. The samples accompanying it suggest this is a tale of dangerous obsession. Nevertheless, unsettling as the album seems, despite the initial heartfelt intentions, ‘Contraception‘ is another fantastic record in a cracking year for grind, and ultimately confirms Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair become another impressive string on Scotland’s extreme metal bow.

Peter Clegg

Download ‘Contraception‘ here (pay-what-you-like)



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