Super Mutant – Civilization & Abuse

Super Mutant
Civilization & Abuse

Super Mutant sound like a grind band in their voice and vibe, but they far from typically sound like one. When the B-movie sample at the beginning of ‘The Accident’ states ‘this will be the age of mutants‘, these Floridians come across more with a slugging hardcore punch and a sludge mentality. Riffs are thick as Mississippi mudslides, vocals pushed to the edge, and beats and grooves are often allowed to breathe and develop instead of being forced into a constant blast. ‘WASP’ is a good example, pinned by an excellent sludge shimmy in particular. That said, Super Mutant know when to morph into grind territory, such as on ‘Get Me Out’ and ‘BP’, reminiscent of recent Brutal Truth when they do. As also on ‘Pseudo Star’ – hells yes – they floor the delimiter for full intensity, before injecting the antivenom to a slamming sludgecore phase.

Perhaps they hit this breakdown button once or twice too often, but you can’t complain too much when a young band like this are making one hell of a palatable heavy din. I suspect its more for the recent crust hardcore upsurge crowd but it may well find a home in the hearts of Sourvein fans and the like as well. Definitely worth checking out, and as the band are offering it as a free self-released download, there’s no reason for you not to take the plunge.

Peter Clegg

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