Visions: Metroid Metal – Metroid (NES) soundtrack

I’m not sure how many people feel about video game covers band, whether 8-bit chiptune parodies or full on instrumental bands like these. There’s a whole world of them out there you possibly don’t know about. Well I’m not going to beat about the bush – I have a mild curiosity for them, and in particular, Metroid Metal.

Metroid Metal, the brainchild of guitarist Grant Henry, aka Stemage, is dedicated to only the finest quality transformations of soundtracks from the Metroid series into full, groovy metal form. The result is a faithful, beefier reinterpretation of some of the classic tunes from the game’s history. Anyone who played the games as a kid and perhaps still does today will no doubt be familiar with songs like ‘Boss Medley’, ‘Ridley’, ‘Intro’, ‘Item Room’, etc. If you’re from that generation, you’ll be no doubt swept up by nostalgia and will find yourself actually headbanging. To Metroid!

So here in full is a high-quality, fan-filmed set of them performing at PAX East 2011, playing the entire NES Metroid soundtrack to celebrate its 25th anniversary! I was completely awestruck by it. I’ve listened to their album ‘Varia Suite’ several times and was excited when I first heard it then. My mind was blown by this. Particularly ‘The Ending’ – it sounds so beautiful in metal form. Please check this out, and explore the band further. Geeky it may be, but rifftastic it is. I just wish they’d come to the UK…

Peter Clegg

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