‘The View’ from here isn’t that bad

It appears Metallica fans and non-Metallica fans are getting in a tizz about the new ‘Loutallica’ song, ‘The View’, since its full release. It’s the first song to be released from the forthcoming collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, ‘Lulu‘, and its safe to say lots of people felt a bit sour about it. Glass of Haterade for anyone?

The view from here is this; is it really that bad? Fair enough, its not the greatest song ever made. But it is at least an interesting concept. I’m actually digging the riff, it reminds me of good sludgy riffs, strangely. And when James Hetfield gets a look in, its still got attitude and swagger. I do still think Lou’s vocals don’t quite work here, and it isn’t for lack of trying. The spoken word concept isn’t new in rock or metal, there’s artists out there who have and could still do it really well. I could imagine Henry Rollins or Iggy Pop doing their thing on this track. If it wasn’t too heavy I’d even have suggested Craig Finn from The Hold Steady.

I went into this expecting a trainwreck. I’ve listened to it more than once and I’m not wound up by it all. In fact, I’ll go on record as saying I’ll listen to it again. And again. Wow, some metalheads really are a closed minded bunch.

Lulu‘ is released October 31.

Peter Clegg

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