Farewell, Cosmo Lee

Those of you among the blogosphere, and particularly those of you among the metal community, may have encountered upon Invisible Oranges, the best of all the metal blogs out there, run by Cosmo Lee. That is, up until today. Yes, Cosmo is retiring from running the site, in pursuit of other things in life that up to now have been tied up from running Invisible Oranges.
Cosmo has put in an incredible shift since first starting Invisible Oranges, stating in his leaving announcement that he often worked 30-40 hour weeks, seven days a week, totalling thousands of unpaid hours and a constant battle with a huge surge in submissions and press releases. We serve and receive only a tiny fraction of this so you can imagine what the guy has been up against at times.
Invisible Oranges was probably the first metal blog I ever came across and without a doubt was the main inspiration in starting up We Must Obey. Cosmo’s writing is unparalled – he writes about bands and albums and music in general in a way that nobody else does. It’s not just crushing riff here, blistering beat there. Cosmo’s ability to write as though its an actual experience, a journey – that’s what sets him apart from other writers out there. His taste in music has led me to check out bands I would otherwise not be familiar with, and is about to conclude an epic series on each track from Metallica’s first four albums, which is simply essential reading!
With that in mind, we here at We Must Obey would like to extend hails and horns to Cosmo and wish him the best in whatever he does in the future. And to the people taking over IO, good luck in continuing with the best blog in the business!
Peter Clegg

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