G.U. Medicine back in Huddersfield this coming Friday!


Yes yes, you heard that right. Barnsley rockers G.U. Medicine those of the mightily excellent 2010 release ‘Lords of Oblivion’ – and pictured here with previous guest vocalist Rocky ‘The Rockhopper’ Penguin – are heading back to Huddersfield for a night of explosive rock action supported by four of Huddersfield’s finest – resident kings of the chorus The Pretty Machine, experimental rockers The Coroners, plus 3 Ways To Fly and Died of the Smack.
It’s being held at The Camel Club, Huddersfield’s premier nightclub, on Friday 23rd September, and will feature rock DJs all night, followed by the Bedlam club night at 12am afterwards.
Tickets are £5, which are available through contacting the bands direct (we’ll give you the links for G.U. Medicine and The Pretty Machine), or direct from the Camel Club. Purchase of a ticket guarantees you free entry into Bedlam, if that’s your sort of thing.
So if you’ve nothing to do, get yourself down there for some of the finest rock action the UK has to offer.
Peter Clegg

The Pretty Machine – event information


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