Potential for disruption

OK, I do the majority of work on this blog during the daily shift. I really shouldn’t, but that’s my guilty secret. If I didn’t, We Must Obey would not exist – I don’t have home internet. Besides, I get a lot done when I have a spare few minutes and generally it’s not a problem. But my job is about to change drastically and the word is the snooping is going to increase. With that said, and of course with my upcoming paternity leave, I’m sad to say there’s going to be some major potential disruption to the blog in the next few weeks and possibly beyond. Which sucks, but hey ho.
I will not let We Must Obey die. I’ve had some really positive comments from people whom I know read the site, particularly for the AC/DC and Wildhearts articles – more of those sorts definitely coming and we may yet have another contributor coming on board. Rest assured readers, I will find a way around this little problem and will ensure service resumes as normal.
I’ll keep posting up until the day the twins decide to arrive, and then I’ll decide what I’m going to do from there. What is certain is that We Must Obey will continue to provide quality features and reviews of kick-ass heavy music. Cheers everyone.
Peter Clegg

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