Shameless Plug: Terrorizer Grindhouse Launch Night in Huddersfield

First of all, I have to apologise for the shamefully small pic of the flyer above. The only image I could get hold of the flyer at short notice was tiny. The quality is poor.
So yeah…I couldn’t resist. Against all impartiality, we hereby shamelessly plug our band’s show that is coming up soon. Yes, myself and Mike will be performing live in our band Poison Dwarf on Saturday 25th June, at The Parish in Huddersfield, as part of a Terrorizer Grindhouse Club Launch night.
It’s headlined by Halifax death metallers Venificus Hora, with support coming from Chesham black-metallers Primitive Graven Image, plus Necrogrinder, Biolab 666 and our good selves. No Old Corpse Road as the flyer suggests, they appear to have pulled out. And we were a late addition. Get down early. The doors are at 6:30pm, £5 to get in. We’re on at 7pm.
Terrorizer Grindhouse is a fantastic initiative that we here at We Must Obey is happy to endorse. It aims to give underground extreme metal bands a bit of extra coverage and a chance to get their name and music out across the country. There’s a wealth of talent in the UK metal underground waiting to be discovered and deserving to be seen and heard. And they’ll be giving stuff away too, which is always a nice Brucie bonus.
So if you’re in and around town, come on down. And as its an early start, why not get to the venue even earlier and tuck into one of The Parish’s finest burgers while you’re at it?
After the jump, watch the video for Venificus Hora’s ‘Eat The Living, Fuck The Dead’. It’s delightfully heavy and low budget.

Peter Clegg

NB: Incorrect video was uploaded yesterday. This has now been fixed.


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