Tony Sylvester is the new Turbonegro vocalist!

Yesterday the incredible news was unleashed that former Dukes of Nothing frontman Tony Sylvester has joined Norwegian deathpunks Turbonegro, replacing former lead singer Hank Von Helvete. I only discovered Hank had left the band after stumbling upon his new band, Doctor Midnight and the Mercy Cult. When discovering he was described as ‘ex-Turbonegro’, I was shocked and gutted. Somehow, this news escaped me, and it let me back into momentary Turbonegro worship as I plundered through some of their finest songs – ‘Get It On’, ‘Denim Demon’, ‘Sell Your Body (To The Night)’ – damn, there’s far too many to list. I was left to mourn Hank’s departure somewhat belatedly, believing this was the end for Turbonegro, and that the Turbonegro sailor hat my wife I purchased from their merch team one incredible night in Leeds would be nothing but a memory of good times.

But now, the hat can be worn in celebration once again! I had always wondered what had happened to the Dukes of Nothing. I remember them pounding my ears the first time I heard them. ‘War & Wine’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Fever’ – they were another damn fine British band that just disappeared not just from my radar, but everyone’s radar, it seemed. Immediately following this news, I tried to imagine Tony’s voice singing Turbonegro’s anthems, and I really, really couldn’t. Hank is one in a million, not just as a vocalist, but a performer too. Yet at the same time, I can’t imagine anyone else filling Hank’s shoes. It feels right.

Turbonegro are now expected to finally complete work on their follow-up to 2007’s ‘Retox’, although no release date has been confirmed yet. Check out Dukes of Nothing’s video for ‘War & Wine’ above and see if you think Tony measures up to the task at hand of satisfying the Turbojugend!

Peter Clegg

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