UK Thrash past and present to be examined in new documentary

I’m quite looking forward to the eventual completion of this. As a total thrashaholic, ‘A History of a Time To Come – The Story of UK Thrash’ – ticks all the right boxes. It’s a documentary that will take a look at UK thrash metal’s history, starting from back in the early 80’s, right up to present day. The thrash revival certain gave the UK scene a shot in the arm, as classic acts such as Sabbat, Onslaught and Lawnmower Deth returned, while new acts such as Evile, Gama Bomb and Sworn Amongst have breathed new life into the genre.

It’s being directed by Josh Callis-Smith, the former guitarist/vocalist for Hull thrashers Pitiful Reign. There’s even going to be a tie-in book by UK music scribe Greg Moffitt, and the doc is expected to land, I believe, in 2012. Check out the trailer above. Expect regular updates on this as we get them.

The official site for the documentary is located at

Peter Clegg

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