Review: Weekend Nachos – Worthless

Weekend Nachos

Deep Six/Relapse

Weekend Nachos exploded onto the hardcore scene back in 2004, unleashing a barrage of punk fuelled aggression. They’ve gone from strength to strength since putting out the ‘Torture’ EP back in 2006, they’re ridden a wave that has seen comrades in rage such Trap Them and Trash Talk emerge alongside them to the forefront of the scene. ‘Worthless’ sees ‘Nachos continue very much along that trend.

The tracks on ‘Worthless’ are mostly what fans of WN have come to expect from them – hate-filled powerviolence that often comes and goes in short sharp bursts of furious energy. The first seven tracks pass by in a heartbeat; ‘Hometown Hero’ and ‘Black Earth’ and ‘Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit’ just a few of the highlights, with the former opening with the album’s only guitar solo and before throwing down the fury. It sets upon a somewhat rinse repeat pattern – fast section, microblast, followed by a beatdown.

From there they mix things up slightly – the instrumental title track builds up with a whole 2-minute wall of feedback before unleashing a slow, heavy riff. Traditional hardcore fans might not get it, but at the very least it breaks up the action, which immediately resumes with ‘Friendship’; ‘Jock Powerviolence’ even sees Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy providing clean-ish vocals in a superb move, while closer ‘Future’ sees them diving full-on into sludge territory about ninety seconds in.

Given the brevity of most of the tracks, you’d be forgiving for tiring at the slower sections of the record, and admittedly ‘Worthless’ and ‘Future’ do leave you wondering when the end is coming. But don’t let that or the repetition put you off – Weekend Nachos transit between styles supremely well, and they mean the hate that powers every blast, every mosh section. And you will feel it pounding away at your ears so much that you’ll want to circle pit right there and then, regardless of who’s about. ‘Worthless’ is very much worth your attention.

Peter Clegg

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