Welcome to We Must Obey

Welcome one and all to my brand new blog, We Must Obey, based in the UK. We Must Obey will begin life solely as a one-man project – that man being myself – to bring to you reviews, news and general opinion on various subjects in rock and metal today. The aim will be to bring you simply what we’re into at the time, picking up and digesting new albums as they come along with our own opinion, not informed or influenced by anyone else.

We’ll be covering a lot of ground here; rock, punk, thrash, stoner, sludge, doom, hardcore, grind, avant-garde and more besides. If it rocks, it will be here!

We will try to keep the blog as current as possible, even without a permanent home internet connection and twins on the way! But while you won’t find any pandering to the mainstream, please don’t expect us to focus solely on the underground. There will be a few curveballs and I personally offer no apologies for my varied, sometimes wonderful and sometimes questionable musical taste.

There’ll also be a slight leaning towards local scenes in and around West Yorkshire. I’m based not far from Huddersfield and Leeds, both of which have vibrant music scenes offering a range of underground talent. If it’s worth reporting, I’ll provide recommendations on such bands and offer a few shameless plugs.

Everything here will be 100% above board – so no links to ‘available’ albums unless it’s authorised.

Please feel free to leave your opinions on posts. Constructive debate is encouraged and any suggestions are more than welcome. There’s also a list of other highly recommended blogs for you to check out while you’re at it. All recommended reading.

The blog is very much in its infancy, so I’ll take a little while getting to grips with it. I’ll keep you posted with new features as and when they are added.


Peter Clegg

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